Structural Systems Inspection

A home’s structural integrity is critical. If not structurally sound, a home poses the threat of serious safety issues and significant costs down the road. Almost every component of a home provides clues as to what is going on with its structure. Our structural analysis provides clients with a written opinion of the structural system’s performance from top to bottom, including inspection of:

  • Foundations
  • Drainage and Grading around Foundation
  • Structure of Roof
  • Material of Roof Covering
  • Attic

Let’s discuss each of the components listed above:


Concerns about the foundation are typically at the top of the list relating to a home’s structure.  Foundation repairs are expensive, and foundation problems often cause other costly home repairs. Your A-Pro Salt Lake Valley Home Inspectors understand your concerns. Our inspections include a comprehensive analysis of the home’s foundation as part of the structural systems analysis. Your inspector reports on the visible condition of these foundation-related areas:

  • High and Low Points of the Foundation (evaluated through a Foundation Level Survey)
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Visible Foundation Deflections
  • Sloping Floors
  • Floor Movement
  • Cracks within Interior and Exterior Wall Systems
  • Doors and Windows negatively impacted by home movement
  • Framing Components and Trim negatively impacted by home movement


Baseboard Waterproofing System 50
Bituminous-Coating Waterproofing 10
Concrete Block 100+
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) 100
Post and Pier 20 to 65
Post and Tensioned Slab on Grade 100+
Poured Concrete Footings and Foundation 100+
Slab on Grade (concrete) 100
Wood Foundation 5 to 40
Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF; treated) 75

Grading and Drainage


Your A-Pro Salt Lake Valley Home Inspector also inspects the exterior of your property for conditions that are detrimental to the performance life of the foundation, including:

  • Ground Coverage
  • Slope Grade and Run-off Pattern
  • Soil Heights
  • Landscape – Trees and Shrubs
  • Gutter Placement and Flow
American Red Clay 100+
Asphalt Driveway 15 to 20
Brick and Concrete Patio 15 to 25
Clay Paving 100+
Concrete Walks 40 to 50
Controllers 15
Gravel Walks 4 to 6
Mulch 1 to 2
Polyvinyl Fencing 100+
Sprinkler Heads 10 to 14
Underground PVC Piping 60+
Valves 20
Wood Chips 1 to 5
Wood Fencing 20



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